Straight From the Experts: Key Strategies for Cannabis Retailers Looking to Optimize Their Online Store

General rules you need to know about:

Key drivers for why cannabis regulations need to change for good

5 Changes That Are Here to Stay

Part 3: Add Delivery Services to your Dispensary

Cannabis delivery is on the rise to become as streamlined and popular as Amazon.

Why should you add cannabis delivery?

Before going right into how to add cannabis delivery, first, let’s cover why you should do it in the first place.

Part 2: Getting Started with BOPIS

Part 1: Adopting E-Commerce

Why should you add e-commerce?

Adopting an e-commerce solution for your store is a lot more than something that puts your products…

Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever

Cannabis retail during COVID-19 means that your online presence and CRM strategies are going to really help reach customers now and later.

Complementary tools bring the best of both worlds to your store

Complete the suite. Dispensaries are buffing up how they sell and having it all isn’t as hard as it seems.

Ontario cannabis retail reality

Well, facing a global pandemic, emergency measures have gone into place, forcing businesses deemed non-essential to temporarily shut down…

COVID-19 and federal legalization

Does COVID-19 stand as a threat to federal legalization in the U.S?

Danielle Poirier

Content Marketing Manager at Verda Innovations Inc. Sharing my knowledge and learnings within the cannabis space. Always looking for ways to grow!

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